Always ready to talk to a crowd of any size! Alex with Stephen Passacantilli, Jim Pasto, and State Senator Joe Boncore at the North End Premiere of Boston's North End: An Italian American Story; St. Stephen's Church, November 5, 2016

Photo Courtesy of the North End Historical Society.

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Alex R. Goldfeld

Boston's public historian

Most walking tours last 90 minutes, but they can be longer, or just one hour. It is up to you! Custom tours of most parts of Boston are available. I will change my style and content to effectively tour with children - or university professors. Just let me know what you need.

Contact me to arrange a tour.

The cost is $150 per hour, with a two hour minimum charge. That is a lot for many people, but for a group of 10, it is only $30 per person. Bring your friends and family!

Learn about the Boston Brahmins or the Big Dig, the West End or Charlestown, the Abolitionists or the Puritans!

The most popular walks:

Colonial and Revolutionary North End

​The North End's "New" Immigrants

The Fall and Rise of Beacon Hill

The Black Heritage Trail

​The Freedom Trail