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I have been making history accessible, interesting, and relevant for twenty years. In practicing "public history," I bring my own rigorous academic research out to historic sites, monuments, and the colorful streets of Boston. I believe we can more clearly connect to all areas of American history by visiting and studying the capital of Massachusetts, which will soon turn 400 years old.

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Alex R. Goldfeld

Boston's public historian

The Black Heritage Trail

Colonial and Revolutionary

North End


Alex R. Goldfeld is the author of The NOrth End: a brief history of boston's oldest neighborhood (2009) and executive producer of the new film boston's north end: an italian american story (2016). he has been creating and leading tours of boston's historic neighborhoods, including the north end, the west end, beacon hill, roxbury, chinatown, charlestown, and more, for two decades. 

in addition to guiding tours, alex also served as director of operations at boston's museum of african american history. he was featured on abc's "chronicle," is a regular guest speaker at universities, libraries, and historic sites, and is currently both president and historian of the north end historical society