St. Leonard's Catholic Church and grounds, home to the North End's first Italian congregation, founded in 1873.

Alex R. Goldfeld

Boston's public historian

The North End's "New" Immigrants
Arriving in unprecedented numbers in the 1800s, immigrants from Europe forever transformed Boston. People from Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Italy, among others, settled in the North End. At that time there was no indoor plumbing, few government assistance programs, and hardly any friendly faces for these Catholic and Jewish newcomers. 

Questions about citizenship, public schools, religion, and what it means to be American arise during this walking tour. Some of the sites and stories of the Irish era of John F. Fitzgerald {JFK's grandfather) are highlighted, including St. Stephen's Church and the birthplace of Rose F. Kennedy. We will also learn more about the Jewish residents who lived near the local “Gates of Jerusalem;” and the Italians who still hold sway in the North End.

Minimum Tour Time is 60 minutes