Alex R. Goldfeld

Boston's public historian

Photo by Matt Conti

What People Are Saying

"Alex easily managed to narrate complex historical patterns and drew a vivid picture in my imagination, which became real during the course of the walk. Any questions ... were completely answered." - Hans Z.

​"Alex was highly informative and extremely flexible with his approach to the walk and talking points. Really nice touch was for Alex to set us up for dinner at the end of the day." - Nicole F.

"Alex Goldfeld was a very personable guide who had the expertise to factually answer any question that came up within our group of seven guests."Read the full TRIPADVISOR review.

"Dr. Goldfeld was informative, personable, professional, and open to questions at each stop. It was comforting to witness locals waving to him and saying, 'Hi, Alex!'

I've already recommended the North End Boston tour to co-workers and friends." - Mark K.

"He could not be stumped by any question (and I did try to stump him.) ... He tailored his tour to our interests, at first giving us some basic information and then ratcheting up the depth of his colorful descriptions when he realized that we had some historical knowledge of the area. ... There was no script for our guide. He asked what we wanted to view (everything) and what we wanted to know (everything)." - Melissa M.

Read the FULL review.

"Alex Goldfeld was fantastic.  A true expert on the North End and able to gear the tour for children.  A great three hours, and the children still talk about it." - Joe D.

"Alex was incredible!!! One of the best we have ever had! His wealth of information was outstanding. He even kept my husband engaged the entire tour! Already called 3 families whose kids are taking US history to tell them to take this tour with Alex. I wish I had done it with my son. History came alive on this tour." - Helen S.

​"Alex did a great job providing historical information that kept our interest. We also enjoyed the fact that he was flexible and interested in our questions and what areas of the tour we might want to linger, or get more information." - Richard J.

​"Alex took us along a modified Freedom Trail route using a transportation lens that focused on the broader context of the Big Dig, Boston's transportation history, importance as a hub, etc. He did a great job. He was able to adapt to our questions and interests instantly. The tour became more of a conversation about the topic at times, which was extremely enjoyable and informative. We appreciated the variety of perspectives: historical, scholarly, personal, and political." - Jackie C.

​"Alex was wonderful. He answered all our questions, and my husband had many."  - Rachel H.